Thursday, April 14, 2011

some fun pictures of the boys...

Well... spring is in full force around these parts! This means wedding season is in full force, so i'm busy busy with my makeup artistry business, my kids are chomping at the bit all the time to go outside, greg is busy working more and more and there just arent enough hours in the day to do everything we all want to do!

I have had some pretty fun jobs this month aside from the weddings (which I do truly love to do!) including a Charter Media/Ford/Nascar commerical and a Heros Among Us story for People Weekly. Fun times!

These pictures were taken this past sunday! We had a family fun day outside in the water. :D Ok, so the boys played in the water and I just took pictures!!!

Gabe discovers the puddle

Gabe discovers the FUN of the puddle

And now both the boys discover the puddle...

Who can get there first?! And can you tell them apart?

Jack gets his turn...

The boys play in the hose to get cleaned off before getting muddy again

Our silly dog that likes to eat the water

And that concludes our fun day in the sun!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 years ago today little gabe-ster was born!
This is just a picture of him at 1 week old... man how time flies!

Recently Gabe joined Jack in the ranks of preschool! He absolutely LOVES it!!! He's the only one in his class who hasnt cried. And his teacher's have nicknamed him Mr. Happy.
In fact, today, when we dropped Jack off at school and gabe was NOT going... he cried. Because he wanted OUT of the car! He said no, i want schoooooool. So he is definitely enjoying himself!

Here are some pictures of his first day...

(he must have heard the rumor there was homework in preschool so he's practicing on his computer)

(very proud of his school bag like big brother Jack's)
Told ya he was proud of it, i was asking him to hold it... not hold it up, just hold it!

Here's Gabe and Jack getting ready to head to school!

More school updates to follow i'm sure!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jack as a ring bearer!

Yep, i'm horrible at keeping this blog updated, i'm aware! This past week the boys and I traveled to Indiana and then to Nebraska for my cousin, Adam's wedding. Jack was the ringbearer and was just so cute! Here are some pictures... I will post some other pictures of our trip shortly!

(He looks buff! Thats because they didnt have a vest his size and we had to make the part around his waist cinched as tight as it would go to fit him, so the top made him look like "a super hero" (according to HIM!)

(notice he is not wearing any socks, it was the only way i could make a deal with him to wear his shoes!)

The pictures SHOULD be large enough that you can download them and print them if you'd like. The first picture was taken with my cell phone, so that one might not print well.
New cell phone shortly though with an 8 megapixel camera! Hello easy pictures and posting! :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is here, spring is here, it's the best time of the year!

Well it has been BEYOND gorgeous here! Yesterday, i promised the kiddos that we would have a day of fun! We we went out for ice cream and took the (very busy!) park downtown. I decided, beautiful days are not the days for me to take the boys downtown by myself. At least not if we plan to stop and play as both boys would see something they wanted to check out and it was always at the same time and in opposite directions!
Mama about had a heart attack a few times. But all was well and we had LOADS of fun!

I also am slowly trying to take over Greg's camera. :) My little point-n-shoot is fine and takes pictures just fine, but i want to take some WOW pictures. So very slowly i'm learning this thing. One day i'll just bling it out with rhinestones so that he will never want to touch it again! :) BWAHAHAHAHAA!

Ok, evil laughs aside, here are some photos I took...

Now i realize these aren't professional quality by any means, but I'm having a lot of fun learning the camera and hopefully some day, i'll get there! :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Gabe turns 1!!!

I cant believe my little baby is 1 year old today!!!!  The time certainly goes by so fast!

Here are some pictures from his party yesterday...

New birthday present from Gramma and Bopi!

Gabe sittin' in the rocks... a favorite pastime!

One of the less messy cake pictures!

Gabe fell asleep right after his bath from the cake-tastrophe (by the way, i think i was listening to someone's story...not just vacantly looking out in the distance... hahaha)

He's still got those baby cheeks!

After Gabe woke up and discovered his balloon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I cant believe it's already July!  Where in the world is the summer going?!

Gramma and Bopi are in town for the 4th (katie's parents) and the boys couldnt be happier!  We did some fun things yesterday and i snapped these pictures of Gabe watching the dogs at petsmart!

We were lucky enough last month to have Gramma and Great Grammie (katie's mom and grandma) visit for a few days! Sorry i never got those pictures posted, but here they are!

During that visit, Gabe was baptized...

I'll try to get some good pics today while bopi is in town too and get them posted soon! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yes, you read that title correctly! My sweet little baby just turned 8 months 1 week ago (a week ago yesterday to be exact) and now the little bugger is walking!!!!! Although it's a little frankenstein-ish and he doesnt go very far before he gets too excited and waves his arms wildly in the air which of course causes him to lose balance and fall flat out on his tushy. But he does get up all on his own (he's been getting himself to a standing position without pulling up on anything for about a month).

I'm not sure i'm ready for this!

Here's some recent family pics you might enjoy...

As for the rest of the cotton clan... Greg is busier than ever with work (which is both good and bad!) My stamp company is doing very well and I'm entering wedding season as well as continuing to teach classes at a local scrapbook store (did someone forget to tell me how many hours there are in a day?) Jack finished his first year of preschool and will start a summer school/camp program on June 9th! He's growing up so fast! And he says the funniest things these days! I know i'm not good enough about posting on here, but i'll try to be better this summer. You know, it's not like i have much else going on. hehehe.